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Top Tips for Betting at the Kentucky Derby

With a humongous field and millions of dollars added into the betting pools by passing sports fans, the Kentucky Derby is undeniably America’s biggest and most exciting horse race happening yearly. So what can you do in this mammoth event to win you a bigger bankroll ?

Here are a few tips:

Prepare yourself.

There is a ton of information available on the Internet to help you with handicapping and wagering on Derby Day. Online, you will find lots of replays of all the biggest Derby preps, together with pedigree information, horses’ past performances, etc., all of which can be helpful. At the same time, there is a ton of unhelpful information out there, opinions of self-proclaimed experts that you are better off avoiding. If you’re ever going to use anyone’s advice on Derby Day, it should only be from someone with an impressive track record to their name. Press credentials handed out on Derby Week often go to bloggers and writers who only take up an interest in horse racing once yearly. Bear that in mind and rely only on trusted sources.

Plan a strategy.

Define your budget and the amount you’ll be fine losing. On Derby Day, there will be 13 races, and there is no need to spend all or most of your bets on the Kentucky Derby. There will be big fields and bigger betting opportunities all day. Put a larger portion of your betting bankroll on races that you feel more passionately about, and then less on the others.

Find value.

Profiting from pony betting is mainly about finding value, otherwise known as overlays. Carefully plan your bets and watch out for odds which seem fair enough. If you gauge a horse’s odds at 5-1 but the tote board says he’s 3-1, don’t wager; instead explore the exotic pools to look for more value and bang for your buck.

Rules are not unbreakable.

One thing we’ve grown certain about over the last ten years is this: rules are not unshakable. In fact, almost every little so-called steadfast Derby rule has been violated. Derby winners now show up after breaks spanning five to six weeks, tackle polytrack in their concluding preps, train with basically unproven trainers, use non-traditional schedules and races, and have been raced to a slight degree.

Sit back and enjoy.

Lastly, one thing you have to avoid is being overwhelmed by the race. Somehow, somewhere, something’s going to turn out unforeseen. Even if you’ve planned very meticulously, you can never take control of everything. So relax, make intelligent wagers, and just enjoy.
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