Why Site Administrators Need a SharePoint Permissions Management Tool

Having control over company information is important with increased security issues around the world. Companies can get ahead of this by only allowing certain users to access certain content. This can be managed. All a company needs is a SharePoint permissions management tool. Companies can easily benefit from a SharePoint permissions management tool because it doesn’t require an installation, it allows users to be absent, and it gives several reports of activity. People who need to operate with a tool like this include site owners, Office 365 and SharePoint Administrators.

Doesn’t Require an Installation

One of the main things we think of when we want to add a program to the computer is having enough space, and the tediousness of an installation process. With a SharePoint permissions management tool, you don’t have to add any program to the computer. The tool can be accessed right online. The tool is extremely user friendly and changes can be made with simple drag and drops and click and print commands.

Users Can Be Absent

It’s not fair to have your vacation interrupted to have to log in and do something for work. This limits the places a person can go. Sometimes you want to head to the mountains. If there is no reception, you could be leaving the company in jeopardy. It’s not the vacationers fault. They need a program that can allow them to assign decision makers in their absence. There is a way to print a report and see who the users are and when they’ve accessed the system. The goal is to keep the business flowing smoothly while anyone else is out. Administrators can be out sick or in a meeting and have no way of checking the system or granting access. With the proper tools, access can be granted ahead of time.

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Reports of Activity

With a SharePoint permissions management tool users can be managed even after they already have access. Restrictions can be placed and the system can always be reviewed to see who is accessing what. The site administrator will be able to tell if accounts should not be in the system also. Reports are easy to make. All with just a mouse click, site administrators can fix permissions. Reports can even be personalized and saved for re-use later on. The tool can also allow bulk permissions cleanup, fixing more than one account at the same time. If you think your company can benefit from a tool like this, you can search QiPoint.

Managing permission to access company information is very important when you have files or other data that you don’t want employees accessing at all times. Permissions are good to set because they can always be changed. The site administrator will have the ability to track user access to content and the system will notify you if something went wrong in the permissions system. The SharePoint permissions management tool is good to have because it doesn’t need to be installed, administrators can assign access in their absence, and reports of activity can be easily generated.